Sale, Payment, and Shipping

OpenTurnKey is distributed through public sale campaigns.

OpenTurnKey will be minted in batches against prepaid orders. We will announce a mint batch of OpenTurnKey and the mint schedule on our website or a crowdfunding platform. Users who are interested in purchase an OpenTurnKey may place their orders on the website and complete the payment. Once a campaign end, we will start the mint process and deliver OpenTurnKeys to the users when they came out. 

The payment can be paid in fiat currency or Bitcoin. We cover standard shipping service by EMS for the delivery of OpenTurnKey, however, users may choose a premium express freight at their own cost.


The hardware of an OpenTurnKey should be working for at least 3~5 years or even longer under normal use if not damaged. Since OpenTurnKey is a secure trust apparatus, we provides no repair service. It will be the user's responsibility to keep an OpenTurnKey in good condition and replace it before it worn out.

We provide one upgrade replacement for each OpenTurnKey purchase. A user may get one free upgrade in the later version OpenTurnKey public sale campaign, of which freight is borne by the user. A user who requests for an upgrade replacement must present a signature with the master key of the purchased OpenTurnKey. The process will be described in detail on our website..

An OpenTurnKey that has requested an upgrade cannot make another request and if there is any dispute, it can be resolved by the presenting the signature of the master key. Meanwhile, an OpenTurnKey acquired from an upgrade replacement cannot get another upgrade replacement. We will keep the records of the serial numbers of each published OpenTurnKey and its acquisition method. 



OpenTurnKey, the Device, App, and Website, do not collect or keep any user's information which can be related to the user's personal identity. We practice the codes of "Crypto Economy" which is based on trust, anonymity, and decentralization.


For the purpose of product delivery, we will need to keep the records of the orders. However, we do not request users to provide any identity as long as the provided information is good enough for product delivery. Meanwhile, once the shipment is completed and we shall destroy the order and shipping records within six months. Not any kind of user's information will be used in any research or data analysis internally or externally, nor to be provided to any third parties.

Our website do not use 'cookie' to keep tracking any user's inputs. Thus, it may feel a bit awkward and primitive in the user's experience which is designed to be so.

OpenTurnKey, the hardware, is a network isolated device. It does not connect to any local network nor the Internet. Its only way of communication to the external world is through the NFC interface with limited commands and protocols. 

"Crypto Economy", the App, is a neutral tool to work with any OpenTurnKey. All the transactions history and addresses are stored locally in the user's device. All the queries and transaction are relayed to the crypto network through a stateless proxy. A crypto transaction might be a public information recorded on a blockchain, but none of the user's nor the OpenTurnKey's information will be recorded in such public information unless user added them on purpose.