During our advocacy for the crypto economy, we found that cryptocurrency is often too complicated for most people. Because of that, the Cyphereco team decided to create a product that makes crypto economy easier, such that everyone can start using cryptocurrency immediately without bothering the complicated technologies and unfriendly applications.

OpenTurnKey is the most secure and user friendly crypto key product on the market that allows anyone to get into crypto economy at no time. It takes the lowest learning curve as learning how to use a transportation card. The concepts and technologies are quite similar except OpenTurnKey is more secure and decentralized.

A user can deposit Bitcoin to an OpenTurnKey as depositing cash to a transportation card. And a user can spend the those Bitcoin as making payment with a transportation card through the same Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. Not only that, OpenTurnKey protects the spending to be only possible with a valid fingerprint authentication and the transaction is not processed in a centralized network system which is often a significant target for hackers or gets corrupted by the insiders from time to time.


OpenTurnKey is based on the same cryptographic public key algorithms as the Bitcoin. When making a transaction, a signature or signatures are calculated with the private key by the processor in the OpenTurnKey and only the result of the signature(s) is presented in the output. The private key is never sent out and securely kept in the hardware.  


The OpenTurnKey users never have to keep any mnemonic phrases or password. All the users need to do is to authenticated with their fingerprint.  A fingerprint authentication is always required for any operations that requires the access to the private key.


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